“It’s been a life long goal signing to a team like H.E.P. I am very excited for the opportunity and ready to put in work on my new bike. Having a chance to put more work on the bike, and not into everything else that goes with it, I feel is the key to getting me to the next level. ”



Born: 05/22/1990

From: Lompac, California

Current Residence: Lompac, California

Hobbies: Always riding, making music, and hanging with friends and family

Nickname: The 722, The Seven Deuce Deuce

Turned Pro: 2011

What got you into racing?

When I was little, my dad took me to the L.A. Coliseum where I saw Jeremy McGrath win and i told my dad right then and there i was going to be pro motocross rider.

What is your most memorable moment on a dirtbike?!

Making my first main event in Houston.

Thoughts on the 2019 RMZ Suzuki 450?!

The best turning bike on the market!